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Sat 21 Mar 2015, 10:00am–4:00pm

Where: NZ School of Acupuncture, 382c Manukau Rd, Epsom, Auckland

Restrictions: All Ages

Listed by: Kim Knight

Come along and enjoy this free one day event.

- try out lots of different Qigong classes
- experience Qi Healing from experienced Qi Therapists
- listen to informative seminars on how Qigong can help you live a happier more fulfilled healthy life
- talk in person with some of the most experienced Qigong practitioners in New Zealand!

All at no cost!

What is Qigong?

Qigong is system of health which has been passed down for centuries and originally came from China. It is a method for illness prevention, self-healing and health enhancement, all rolled into one.

'Qi' is the name given to the energy which drives your body, which can be likened to the petrol you put in a car. Whilst most people think we can only refuel with food or drink, we can actually harness energy from an unlimited supply of 'universal Qi' to enhance our health and wellbeing.

How can Qigong help me?

When you work too hard, experience lots of stress, don't rest enough, eat too much unhealthy food and drink, experience lots of negative emotions, or generally don't take enough care of yourself, you can inadvertently disturb or deplete your lifetime supply of energy (Qi).

Practising Qigong replenishes and refills your energy tank, and can clear any blockages in the pipes which prevent the free-flow of Qi or create blockages in Qi.
Because Qi is the fundamental building block of life, it also works on your mental, emotional and physical selves simultaneously. Practisiing Qigong not only enhances your physical health, but it also calms the chatterbox mind and emotions.

Qigong can help:

clear aches and pains in any part of the body
speed up recovery from illness or surgery
prevent illness from occurring by maintaining optimal functioning
calm the mind and emotions
boosts the immune system
rejuvinates cells and increases longevity
and much more!

Who can practice Qigong?

Anyone of any age and any level of health can benefit from Qigong.
When children start young they learn how to take care of their health right from the start of their life. But one is never tool old to start! People start practising in their 80's and benefit hugely!
If you are already healthy you will improve your health even more, and if you are ill, you can reverse illness.
One of the best things about Qigong is that it is very gentle, safe and effective. You do not need a high level of fitness to practice, it can even be done sitting or lying down if necessary, and in fact there are many seated exercises.

How does Qigong differ from Tai Chi?

Tai Chi (Tai Qi) IS a form of Qigong although most people do not realize it!
Qigong is the 'umbrella' term used to describe all these types of exercises, so when you are practising Tai Chi you are already practising Qigong! However, you may find many Qigong exercises are easier to learn than Tai Chi.
There are many different types of Qigong because there are many different schools of Qigong. Each school will teach different styles of Qigong, which means there will always be one you can find which will suit you. It's a bit like having different styles of yoga (hatha yoga, iyengar yoga, astanga yoga etc).
When you come to the Qigong Open Day you will have the opportunity to test out different types of Qigong to see which you like. Different people will prefer different methods. And then you can check out where you can continue to learn with a teacher in your area.

Why haven't i heard of Qigong?

Despite the fact there are millions of practitioners worldwide, Qigong is not yet as well known as yoga or acupuncture in New Zealand, but it will be soon!
The annual Qigong Open Day is a fantastic opportunity to meet with Qigong practitioners from different backgrounds, enquire about classes and meet instructors and Qigong Therapists in your area.

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