Caging Skies

Writer: Desirée Gezentsvey
Director: Andrew Foster
Music and Sound Design: Jeremy Cullen

Starring: Tim Earl (The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time) Comfrey Sanders (Don Juan) Claire Waldron (King Lear) Donna Akersten (Last Legs).

True passions. True lies.

Circa Two
Preview 11 Aug

Johannes, a zealous member of the Vienna Hitler Youth, discovers a fateful secret - his family is hiding a young Jewish woman, Elsa, in their home. Her life in his hands, Johannes and Elsa embark on a gripping journey of obsession and love that blurs the lines between the captive and the free, the victorious and the defeated, as the horrors of the war unfold around them and each must find a way to survive.

From award-winning writer Desirée Gezentsvey (Nuclear Family) and visionary director Andrew Foster (Red) comes this hauntingly powerful story that lays bare the darkest corners of the human soul. Inspired by Christine Leunens’ novel of the same title, nominated for the Prix Medicis’ and the Prix FNAC 2007.

“Beautiful… powerful… surprising and captivating… cannot be forgotten.” - Jean Soublin, Le Monde

“Gripping… has haunted me ever since I finished reading it.” - New Zealand Books

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