School Dance

A winning comedy for the loser in us all.

“One of the funniest things I've seen on stage in years." - Sydney Morning Herald

This is a story of three teenage boys. Matt, Luke and Jonathon. They’re going to a school dance. They’re on a mission. But they are losers. Fuelled by a diet of raging hormones and instant noodles, the trio sets off on a strange and fantastical journey to escape the school bully, impress the girl, and save the world!

Inspired by old-school cartoons and John Hughes films, School Dance is a deliciously dorky theatrical extravaganza for the freaks, the geeks, and anyone who’s ever felt different. Featuring BMX heroics, Smurfs and 80s anthems, it’s all about being brave, facing your own self-loathing, and coming out on top.

Cast & Creatives:
Playwright - Matthew Whittet
Direction - Darlene Mohekey
Performance - Kyle Chuen, Andrew Paterson, Chris Symon and Bronwyn Turei
Costume & Set Design - Ian Harman
LX Design - Talya Pilcher

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