Sauerkraut and Kimchi: The Basics of Fabulous Fermenting

Where: Wellington High School, 249 Taranaki St, Wellington

Restrictions: R16

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An informative and interactive, hands-on workshop where you’ll find out more about the history of these tasty and health-promoting food staples. You’ll also leave with a freshly prepared batch of sauerkraut to watch ferment at home. Ingredients included.

auerkraut, traditionally a German-associated fermented sour cabbage dish, is actually believed to be originally from China. There are records of it being used as the staple food by the workers who built the Great Wall of China (dating back over 2000 years). Some believe this fermenting process of simply adding salt to cabbage and allowing it to ferment to be at least 6000 years old.

Kimchi, the Korean version of fermenting cabbage, is very similar to sauerkraut, but uses different ingredients and the end result tastes very different. There are many health benefits to these fermented foods, as the process of fermentation releases many vitamins and minerals not already readily available in eating plain cabbage, including possible anti-cancer compounds!

In this workshop we’ll go over everything you might need to know to confidently and comfortably make either of these easy and super nutritious dishes at home, plus you’ll leave with a fresh packed jar of sauerkraut to watch ferment and then enjoy later.

By the end of the workshop, you’ll be able to:
- Recognize a true fermented sauerkraut or Kimchi in the supermarket vs. a cheap imitation
- Understand the key differences between Sauerkraut and Kimchi
- Use either a standard food processor and/or a good kitchen knife to properly prepare the ingredients at home
- Follow good hygiene practices to ensure your ferment is safe
- Recognize healthy fermenting vs. non healthy fermenting and when to throw out a batch
- Learn the ideal factors that get you a healthy ferment nearly 100% of the time

All ingredients provided but bring two 8oz (250ml) glass jars (not metal), with tight fitting lids (a metal lid is OK) and a sharp knife (if you have one).

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