Aotearoa Bike Challenge

The Aotearoa Bike Challenge is a fun, free competition that’s all about seeing which workplaces can get the most people to ride a bike for just 10 minutes or more. It’s not just bragging rights on the line, we give away awesome prizes! Join the challenge and log your rides in February and you're in!

How does it work?
It’s all about who can get the most staff riding and encouraging others to ride to get valuable points 1-28 February.

Every point matters and everyone can contribute to their company's total points! You can earn more chances at individual prizes for encouraging others to ride, and the team contest is all about getting as many of your colleagues to ride a bike as you can!

What are the benefits to your organisation?
- A fun activity for your whole team
- A friendly competition between staff teams and other local organisations
- Generate community benefits (environmental, health, congestion, etc.)
- Prize incentives including movie ticket vouchers, local restaurant vouchers, bike gear, and more!All this and it's entirely free for your company and staff

To register and for more information simply visit