Explore a Mysterious Spaceship

Have you ever tried escape rooms? Now is your chance!

Your mission objective:
In the 1930’s, an alien A.I operated spacecraft crashed into Wellington harbor.

As local authorities at the time didn’t have the technology to decipher the information inside, they instead decided to build a vault around the ship and locked it away from the public forever. The story of the crashed spaceship became nothing else, but another urban legend lost to time.

Until now… After years and years of research, we finally managed to locate the remains of this spaceship. We cracked the code and opened the vault that contained the ship for all these years.

We found out that the spacecraft is sent by extraterrestrial nations in the search of inhabitable planets, and now it is sending a distress signal to the invading armada. We now need the best of the best to join our forces, and investigate the alien technology inside.

Embark on a mission to save the world from and alien invasion!

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