New Works (2019)

New Works 2019 features new ceramics, sculpture, photography and painting.

Included are necklace works, vastly different in scale and media, by Emily Siddell and Chris Charteris, and a marvelous suite of new ceramics from Phil Brooks exploring pattern, texture and form in innovative and exhilarating ways.

Wayne Barrar continues his investigation of the natural world that exists but cannot ordinarily be seen. Yukari Kaihori’s abstracted language builds upon the fluid pools and rhythms of an intuitive painting process where the nuances of colour and shape are the subject.

Susanne Kerr’s remarkably deft combinations of drawing and painting, pattern and absence establish mysterious narratives and layered spaces which simultaneously suggest both the mythic of the past and social realism of now. Jenna Packer’s major new work using the visual metaphor of a maze beguilingly questions time and history.

Simon Richardson memorably conflates the epic and the ordinary into moments of dream and nostalgic parables of individual experience.

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