Carolina Moon

Genre: World

Country of Origin: New Zealand

Carolina Moon is one of the most exciting, innovative and gut-wrenchingly beautiful of Auckland's premier world music ensembles led by vocalist Carolina. Evocative song from medieval lands radiates an unmistakable pulse. Light travels, so does song … for almost 1000 years …. . Mingled with wild exotic grooves and contemporary, jazz tinged original world sounds at the beautiful edge of sanity. Carolina’s vocal weaves Eastern and Western blends into a passionate program of exquisite melodies, charismatic klezmer feels and flamenco grooves, amid songs drawn from the surrounding tide of musical inspiration.

New Release: Mother Tongue - on tour summer 2011

"Glorious songs - intimate, yearning....enchanting... Graham Reid

" ODE raises the bar spectacularly with *Mother Tongue*" Graham Steele -
Metro Magazing

Carolina Moon - vocals, bells, composition
Nigel Gavin - guitar, glissantar, banjo
Roger Manins - soprano sax, clarinets and flute
Jessica Hinden – violin
Kevin Field – piano
Matthias Erdrich - acoustic bass
Ron Samsom/Chris O'Connor - hand drums, drumset