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In 1958 Gray Bartlett along with the band he was with, The Phantoms, played in the Have A Shot ZB Radio Theatre finals.

It was recorded, and formed the start of an amazing recording and stage career.

The 50th Anniversary Tour celebrates his status as one of the Worlds top ranked guitarists, and one of New Zealand's biggest selling artists of the last 50 years.

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Fantastic stuff Gray! see if you can wrestle that band the outlaws away from NZ's top guitarist Peter posa and gain the edge back!!! What can I say? You are a true legend in all meanings of the word.I admire everything that you have done/achieved in your life so far.....Don't stop now either please, there is still plenty more for you to do yet!! You have touched the lives of so many people and in so many different ways, none more so than me......I urge everyone to go out and buy the 50th anniversary CD......It's perfect for dinner parties or just relaxing during the day/night. I have more comments to make and will be back soon to write more Gray is above a great Kiwi and a great promoter of others. He is huge in China and has heaps of friends worldwide. One of those friends is BB King - he also promotes Hayley- why not record with all of HIS friends and listen to the great results! Go for it Gray're the man!! Gray should team up with little Connie 7 years old from UKs got talent. It could headline a programme of young talent mentored by Gray. Creative New Zealand could fund a programme of their concerts at schools to provide a platform for young performers and some inspiration for our young people. Please enter me in the competition Tony Gray His Infernal Majesty! just to bring in some goth rock into nz. lol Tom Sharplin I think he should make a cd with me. We would make a good team. He could make his sweet sounds and I could just look beautiful. lip syncing along I have to agree with Suemum. Cliff Richard definitely and they could put out a Topless Calendar to go with the CD i am going to go with Scribe - just picture it! it would work I would like to see gray make some sweet sounds with Randy Travis. They both rock I'sd love him to make a CD with Rocking Rod Stuart as he is also a smooth grey haired guy KINDA OF GUY FROM the nifty 50's or there abouts - Both these men have had the ability to stand the test of time - with great ability to pleeeze the ladies with thier gracefully good looks - and musical talents who what a combination that would be with all the old classics of the swooning crooning days of the Marilyn Munro era - and perhaps bring in jolly old Rulf Harris to paint and do wacka a do for good measure to make a live show - what a buzzz and blast from the past that would be - I lived next to Gray in Milford Road - in his Champagne and party days I wonder if he remembers - whooooo I sure could spill a few secrets ah Gray - Love to win a C.D. - CHEERS FOR THE OPPORTUNITY - HUGS AND much regards TERE He should team up with 'michael Jackson'. The pari would be so diverse and so different that it just could work. They are both great talents and i think people need to sing out side their comfort zone and music talents and team up with opposites.. WHICH ATTRACT.. i would buy tickets to that show!! i think withcliff richard..they would make a good pair... Chris Knox would make an interesting mix, or if it does'nt have to be NZer Bono i think Gray should make a record with the up and comming guitar professional Chet O'connell. Think thats his name He is touring the country in the show with Gray at present. saw the show last night in TGA and he is fantastic The new and the old. How about taking a new direction and teaming up with the cast from Priscilla? It could make for a very interesting and entertaining combo... let these young guys see what is missing in music..would be a great match Eric Clapton. Awesome! Hayley Westenra! Sir Howard Morrison He should team up with Brooke Fraser Gray should now team up with the very talented Chet Oconner [ or Oconnel ] to make his next album. Chet is brilliant. Like all great talented artistes, he has in his own right, the whole stage to himself... then again, the sounds of Sir Howard or even any great Country western artist. I think Gray is a terrific artist and he should do a whole complete show with the likes of Shania Twain what a great combination. I think,maybe Whiti Mako Black,They are both awesome artists..I think they would blend in well.. Cliff Richard - one for the ages Anika Moa I agree with Henry, and suggest a Carlos Santana-style approach to a new CD, collaborating and accompanying different Kiwi artists... Gray Bartlett and Bic Runga 'cause she is great at acoustic performance. What about the Exponents or Dave Dobbin? How about a wicked compilation with Kiwi music artists (the ones who aren't as snobby as Kiri!) The Electric Confectionnaires, cos they are a great bunch of talented young guys that my daughter was also able to jam with at the High School that they all attended a couple of years ago. How cool was that! Hi there. Hmmmmm, interesting challenge this one. I reckon he could double act with Shania Twain. Maybe she has a recording studio at her beautiful place in the South Island? Their styles could go REALLY well together.

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