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Genre: Rock

Country of Origin: New Zealand

Nightchoir is an Auckland based indie rock band with a beautiful steel guitar twang. Their songs draw on several musical genres, including alt-rock, alt-country, pop, and folk.

The first single, Glass Tiger, has been sent to radio stations around the country. ‘Glass Tiger’ is the carpe diem postcard inspired opening track from Nightchoir’s forthcoming debut album, 24 Hours Of Night, which was released on May 17th, 2010 via ElevenfiftySeven Records.

It is quite a shift in musical styling for independent punk and hardcore label ElevenfiftySeven to present an indie pop/rock record to the world. When Dean Cameron, the owner of the label, was asked “So Dean, has ElevenfiftySeven gone soft, or what?”, he replied;

“Soft? - Not at all. Was I surprised when Mike and the Nightchoir lads approached me? Sure! But after listening to the album and discussing the project ahead I knew that ElevenfiftySeven could add something special to this release, something that maybe other labels couldn't. Oh and don't worry there is plenty more hard records to come!”

The seeds of Nightchoir have been rattling about Mike Hall’s brain for many years throughout his many band’s lives and his lives in many bands.

From hardcore band ‘Balance’ in the late '90s to sweet indie pop-sters ‘The Brunettes’ in early 2000s Mike has seen and experienced a wide range of band styles. And for just under a decade Mike has been playing bass in top NZ rock band, Pluto.

At a time of catching breath in between band commitments, and encouraged by fellow songwriter, Steve Abel, the Nightchoir songs resurfaced. Mike called on some of his most trusted musician friends, Matthias Jordan and Michael Franklin-Browne to develop his ideas. (The trio have played together for nearly a decade as the rhythm section for Pluto).

Mike emphasises, “It turned out to be much more than my mates helping me. The songs took on a new life and Matthias brought his own songs into the mix that he’d worked up with Michael (Franklin-Browne). So yeah it really is the story of making a record turns into a band!”.

Recording began at Roundhead in 2009 and a year of tweaking with the engineering skills of Kerry Furlong, mixing with Jol Mulholland (The Mots, Gasoline Cowboy) and mastering by Greg Calbi at Sterling Studios in New York, has now prepared 24 Hours A Night for its arrival.

A staggeringly beautiful album that refreshingly explores many song styles but is made coherent with the undertone of a focused vision.