Head Like a Hole to Reunite for Vodafone Homegrown '09

Monday 29 September 2008

After eight years apart New Zealand rock legends Head like a Hole are set to reunite exclusively for next year’s Vodafone Homegrown music festival.

Along with Shihad, Head like a Hole dominated the 90’s delivering a serious dose of hard rock with flourishes of country. They have a live act that has to be seen to be believed and made a name for themselves with energetic and often outrageous live performances, appearing on stage either naked, caked with mud, or covered completely in body paint.

They produced four albums over 10 years, with hits including Comfortably Shagged, Wet Rubber, Hootenanny, Juicy Lucy and some inspired covers such as Bruce Springsteen’s I’m on Fire and Summer Nights from Greece.  Their music video's were often as in-your-face and as controversial as the band themselves with one video not allowed to be screened before 10pm and another being banned outright.

Notorious front man Nigel (Booga) Beazley says the reason Head like a Hole split in 2000 was for cliché "Sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll reasons”. They are stoked about the one off reunion gig for Vodafone Homegrown where they will be headlining the Nokia Stage in their hometown Wellington.

The 14 March festival has five stages set along the Wellington Waterfront.

Organisers will be releasing this year’s line-up on 6 October promising an even stronger lineup than last year’s sell out event.

Early bird tickets go on sale 13 October, $70 from Ticketek.

Visit www.homegrown.net.nz for more information.