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Big Day Out 2010 Final Lineup Announced

Wednesday 9 December 2009

Big Day Out 2010 Final Lineup Announced

New additions to Big Day Out 2010: Fear Factory, Blowfly, DJ Chucuchu, Poirier Feat. Mc Zulu, Dead Prez, Concord Dawn, Evil, House of Shem, the Drab Doo Riffs, Opensouls, Tainted,  Dick ‘magik’ Johnson, Elston Gun, O’lovely, Valedictions, Mile High, Nick D, Batucada Sound Machine, Farmer Pimp, Tahuna Breaks, the Turnaround

Join the Already Announced:
Muse, the Mars Volta, Lily Allen, Kora, Groove Armada, Kasabian, Dizzee Rascal, Simian Mobile Disco, Jet, Midnight Youth, Pnc, Peaches , Ladyhawke, Passion Pit, Girl Talk,  Dimmer, Rise Against, Mastodon, Karnivool, Head Like a Hole, Devendra Banhart, the Horrors, Gin Wigmore, Powderfinger, the Veils, Sasha, Calvin Harris , the Decemberists, Eskimo Joe, Deja Voodoo, the Temper Trap, Minuit, James Duncan, the Checks, Kidz In Space, Cairo Knife Fight, Mountaineater, True Lovers, Tim Phin, Bandicoot, Lord of Tigers, the Silent Disco.

Summer has begun, the New Year is just around the corner, and so is the BIG DAY OUT! We’re thrilled to let you in on the final artists who will be touring with the BIG DAY OUT in 2010.
BIG DAY OUT 2010 is hosting the mother of all celebrations – FEAR FACTORY’s 21st birthday. Since forming in 1989, this Los Angeles quartet have consistently forged new territory, proving themselves masters of metal reinvention, and producing an industrial metal classic in 1995’s Demanufacture. After several years’ hiatus, FEAR FACTORY hit the comeback trail this summer with Mechanize, their first album in five years. The revamped FF line-up – guitarist Dino Cazares, singer Burton C. Bell, bassist Byron Stroud and drummer Gene Hoglan – is promising raw aggression and reality. Keep it real at BIG DAY OUT with the long-awaited return of FEAR FACTORY.

Before there was Kool Keith, Old Dirty Bastard or 2 Live Crew - before there was hip hop, for that matter - there was BLOWFLY, performing X-rated songs with a funky groove. Many people cite BLOWFLY as being the first rapper with his 1965 self-pressed "Rap Dirty" record, which was re-recorded after the smash success of Sugar Hill Gang's "Rapper's Delight." Sampled by many, including: The Jurassic 5, Ice Cube, Atmosphere, P Diddy, Beyonce and Wu Tang Clan, BLOWFLY's sounds are a staple of modern-day hip hop.

An innovator in the Tijuana electronic music and video scene, DJ CHUCUCHU pumps out infectious Latin rhythms while his visual accompaniment will transport you to a familia Cumbia fiesta. The recent wave of Cumbia music that has enveloped most of Latin America has a very active node across the border towns of northern Mexico. Tijuana’s electronic musicians have embraced this wave with gusto.

Montreal DJ and producer POIRIER mixes fresh Caribbean sounds including dancehall and soca with electro to create a dance floor frenzy to rival the best Carnival celebrations around the world. Joined on stage by hype man MC ZULU, their sound is equal parts lilting calypso melodies, driving percussion and traditional chutney sounds from the West Indies. Welcome to the future of jump-and-wave riddims, with our guarantee that nuff towels will be hoisted in the air and twisted madly in appreciation. Equal parts grimey, sweat-inducing and fun-as-hell, POIRIER FEAT. MC ZULU will lift the steamy roof of the Lilyworld well into the hot nights of mayhem and lunacy.

Liven up! If you’re down with O.T.T (that’s over-the-top showmanship), DEAD PREZ will deliver at BIG DAY OUT 2010. But this ain’t just entertainment – its education. Carrying a torch passed on by the likes of Public Enemy and Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy, DEAD PREZ’s defiant duo and M-1 are out to stoke the embers of your mind. It’s political, it’s confrontational, it’s inspirational. “No shuckin’ and jivin’, just raw, contentious hip hop… reporting from deep inside the trenches of the lives of the everyday man” (The Smoking Section, July 2009). The revolution won’t be televised – it’ll be delivered on stage at BIG DAY OUT by in-your-face Floridians DEAD PREZ.
A decade ago CONCORD DAWN, the duo of Evan Short and Matt Harvey, began plying their high octane drum’n’bass in Auckland clubs. The kiwi duo are now internationally renowned producers in the genre with tracks like ‘Morning Light’ and ‘Don’t Tell Me’ acknowledged as modern day don’t classics. Since the release of their latest album, the acclaimed and award-winning Chaos By Design, Evan has stayed in New Zealand working primarily in music production, while Matt’s been based in Vienna and tours the world constantly under the CONCORD DAWN banner. He heads back this summer with the promise of bringing the trademark intensity and pure rush of a CONCORD DAWN show back to the BIG DAY OUT Boiler Room.
Noise trio EVIL have resurrected their pandemonium once more due to guitarist Dave Mitchell’s return to our shores for some 3Ds shows elsewhere. Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore and Byron Coley reviewed EVIL’S debut vinyl EP in their influential Bull Tongue Top 10 column, saying “touched by the black thumb of Beelzebub in order to blow out overly skuzzed metal puke rock under the aegis of Evil. EVIL’S first document is a 10" . These tots may have sold their buns to the devil but if that's what it takes, then screw God.  Hell is our destiny.
Multi-generational family reggae band THE HOUSE OF SHEM’s live show experience is an unforgettable occasion – a rare mixture of power and beauty. Reggae veteran Carl Perkins and his two sons lead a group that stretches back into essential NZ musical heritage with a band that has plied its trade in such legendary acts as herbs, Twelve Tribes of Israel and Token Village. Whether you are Rasta or raver, this band’s incredible tightness, heavenly harmonies, conscious lyrics and blend of traditional and contemporary reggae styles will leave you spellbound.
An unlikely five piece beamed into central Auckland slightly over a year ago and set about unchaining peoples buns with their p'twanging guitar, boom-schmacking drums, and basically-scream-your-head-off vocals. THE DRAB DOO RIFFS play a carbonated toxic cocktail of surf-punk-blues that they describe as "sort of like rock and roll, only faster". Their debut EP 'Bury Me In Drab' has been transporting listeners to the twilight zone of dance since its release in October and you could fry eggs on the bonnet of their live shows. If you were at a party on the Starship Enterprise on its way to crash Bo Diddley’s beach hop you’d be listening to THE DRAB DOO-RIFFS on your way.
Evolving from their hip-hop tinged roots of their breakthrough debut album into what now sounds like a fully-fledged Motown soul revue, the seven piece OPENSOULS party is guaranteed to be one of the most dynamic shows to be seen at the 2010 BIG DAY OUT. Their recently released second album Standing In The Rain sets the tone for a set that strips the group’s sound all the way back to sweaty r’n’b perfection. Another act demanding you bring your dancing shoes to the BIG DAY OUT this year!
Christchurch’s TAINTED are the top of the class metal act in the country right now. Well-drilled players with a blend of thrash and deathcore at their musical heart, they recently grabbed the coveted Iron Maiden support slot and shook the diehard crowd with a stunning set. The only New Zealand band with an official endorsement from shredders’ fave Jackson Guitars, headbangers will be lined up front for a blast of TAINTED at the BIG DAY OUT.
As a teenager, DICK ‘MAGIK’ JOHNSON DJed his own room at Manchester’s legendary Hacienda club and before long he was producing tracks for New Order’s Pleasure Recordings, Paper Recordings and launching his own highly respected label Shaboom. Now living and prolifically producing in Auckland, MAGIK continues to record for a variety of labels like Fatboy Slim’s Southern Fried and Made To Play, Twisted, KG Beats and NRK and to remix for Ian Pooley, Crazy Penis, Dj Sneak, Joey Negro, Q-Burns, Human League, Neon Heights, Nick Holder. Saddo English geezer in south seas studio tan shocker? Unlikely. It’s a rare weekend indeed that MAGIK is not behind the decks electrifying a crowd of dedicated followers, testing his tunes on dancefloors from Russia to Argentina and most points in between.
Imagine this: Kings of Leon and the Queens of the Stone Age rule the magical kingdom of Party, but they are constantly under attack from the north by The Bronx and The Black Keys. So, to settle it out, they all converge on a haunted battleground occupied by the ghosts of Jimi Hendrix, Howlin' Wolf and Stevie Ray Vaughn. Here, a bloody battle ensues. Harmonic blades frantically stab and slice, and melody swirls in the air, until all that is left is a thin, fresh vapour of intertwined sound. That’s ELSTON GUN unashamedly a rock band and all that implies. See them at the BIG DAY OUT and prepare to respect the unexpected.
O’LOVELY - these Christchurch indie kids sound just like they could have been on Flying Nun in the label’s early-80s hometown heyday. The perfectly pitched gloom-pop of “A Different Day” from their forthcoming Lost Luck EP was singled out by Chicago’s Citizen Dick Blog sounding “as if trapped in between a dungeon and a swank British night-club”.
Dirty jeaned high spirited rocknroll revivalists, VALEDICTIONS bring together former D4 drumming powerhouse Beaver with Jarrod and Cole from another much-loved Flying Nun band of the same era, Pan Am. They originally formed in London but its Auckland that is under attack now. VALEDICTIONS plough a musical furrow best described as heavyassedgybluesgaragerock that your mother would definitely not like.
We watched news coverage of last week’s rocket flight from Michael Fay’s fantasy island with our hearts in our mouths. Would the crew survive when the rocket was found bobbing about in the Pacific the next day? And then we found out it was an unmanned flight! Gypped! They could have sent these guys. Upbeat hook-laden rockers, Auckland’s MILE HIGH catch the breezy energy of hits by bands like the Offspring in their debut single “Now” and they’re taking their alt-rock sound to the airwaves with another new single soon.
Since he turned up on student radio as a 15 year-old fresh faced music nut, Nick Dwyer has parlayed that into a 15 year career as a … well, fresh-faced music nut. Whether he’s rocking a party, your TV set or the airwaves, NICK Ds’ infectious love of music and incredible knowledge of sounds old, new and simply great, guarantees a great time for one and all. Spinning liquid drum’n’bass, bottom heavy break badness, disco funk and alternative gems.
Loosely translated, Batucada means percussive samba jam. Throw in two guitars, bass, keyboard, a smoking hot horn section and one of the Pacific's finest MCs, and you have the 13 piece musical puzzle that is one of NZ's most sought after acts, BATUCADA SOUND MACHINE. Their tasty concoction of Brazilian, Cuban and afro-beat rhythms is given a hip hop front courtesy of MC Hazaduz (Che Fu & the Krates). This kingpin of the local hip hop scene lays solid rhymes over the massive samba-reggae percussion while the talented band adds rich pacific soul, reggae and serious funk flavours.
Dynamic jam band TAHUNA BREAKS unique combination of funk fuelled grooves, reggae and live energy has seen them become a favourite amongst party goers and those that wanna get freaky across New Zealand. The eight piece outfit’s second album Black Brown and White recently charted at number 12 and the group promise a skanking good time at the BDO.
Locally loved and applauded for their dynamic live shows, and unique and innovative blending of musical genres, FARMER PIMP have pushed the envelope with their debut LP Sweet Hot Pepper Pop due for release this summer. Citing their influences as everything from dixie jazz, to hip hop, metal to classical, FARMER PIMP mix old school with the new to create uniquely beautiful music.
THE TURNAROUND trinity of Submariner, Cian, and Manuel Bundy have been doing the damage on a “Last Friday of the Month” basis, for the past 7 years in Auckland. From humble beginnings the Turnaround enjoy an unparalleled reputation for keeping the rumps shaking and the brains baking. A night with THE TURNAROUND at the helm sees Punters lose control as the boys masterly flip between a multitude of styles: Hip Hop hoorays, to Brazilian ballads, back over to a Roots Reggae classic, into some sensational Soul sizzlers and followed by that RnB/Dancehall blend you love to hate. Always a favourite with the Ladies, THE TURNAROUND boys have been known to pack some brutally bootilicious bootlegs, with the emphasis on keeping the party rockin’ in an old school stylee.. (‘til the break of dawn y’all…). A monthly party like no other. This one is a monster.