Dragon Announces Support Acts - Opshop, Midnight Youth, Earlybirds!

Thursday 7 January 2010

DRAGON is back! The legendary New Zealand band based in Australia is performing an Auckland/North NZ tour. Fronted by NZ's own Mark Williams, who is making them his own, delivers classic DRAGON hits such as "April Sun In Cuba" and "Are You Old Enough". Since Todd Hunter reformed Dragon, audiences have packed venues to relive new music and Mark Williams' approach enveloping the audience into feeling part of the band.

In this tour DRAGON will be supported by the best in NZ music. The Earlybirds join DRAGON at the first three stops - Sale St (Weds 20th Jan), The Backyard Bar (Thurs 21st Jan) and Mangawhai Tavern (Fri 22nd Jan). The Earlybirds are five 18/19 year olds blazing out the latest in pop/rock music with hits so far in "Runaway" and "I killed the DJ" - this is possibly legends of tomorrow playing with legends of today.

Midnight Youth are fixed to join DRAGON and The Earlybirds at The Backyard Bar. This promises to be an outstanding night of music. Midnight Youth are in full swing and are joining this tour on the back of a very successful 2009. "The Letter" was the # 1 most played New Zealand song on radio while "The Brave Don't Run" recorded in New York has received huge success since its release.

Mangawhai on the 22nd of Jan is set to go off. The largest bill of the tour will start with The Revolvers, a three piece act that revolve around their instruments producing covers fit for the occasion. The Earlybirds will then take flight for the last time on this tour, belting out their hits along with new music that they will be recording the following week. The tour will then reach a climax with OPSHOP taking the stage. Regarded as the one of the finest musical acts to emerge in recent years, OPSHOP will shortly be releasing their third album to follow up their multi-platinum, award winning album, Second Hand Planet. OPSHOP will be performing all of their popular hits, and will also be giving us a taste of some dynamic new tracks. Of course following OPSHOP will be a memorable performance from DRAGON who will pump out anthems known to us all.

This brings us to the close of this tour with The Pavilion at Twin Peaks Kaitaia holding the final show. Newly expanded "Supanova" are a local band that will perform their "Supanova Live" cover set. Followed by corporate "Battle of the Bands" champions, Kaitaia's very own Jimmy Sin perform their fresh approach of hard rock, not for the faint hearted. Next enters a very special additive to the tour yet to be confirmed...."watch this space" As Dragon take the stage for the last time, we can only expect a final performance that will remain in memory banks for many years to come.