Eventfinder Launches Allocated Seating Ticketing Services

Wednesday 23 May 2012

Eventfinder Launches Allocated Seating Ticketing Services

Eventfinder, New Zealand's fastest growing event and live entertainment ticketing company, has launched its new platform for events at allocated seating venues. Using the same technology that has won accolades from event promoters over the past three years of festival and tour ticketing, Eventfinder can now manage ticketing for any venue of any size for any kind of show.

The system provides the features that promoters have repeatedly requested, including ease of use and lower fees for ticket buyers, no unnecessary and intrusive questions, and no courier or delivery fees.

Additionally, the promoters pay less, have far more control over their ticketing, and have fully transparent sales and financial reporting tools. As the leading online guide to events and live entertainment, events ticketed by Eventfinder get in front of more people than all other event guides combined.

For more information, feel free to contact us at ticketing@eventfinda.co.nz