Splore Announces Full Lineup

Friday 12 December 2014

Splore Announces Full Lineup

Splore has released its full lineup, expanding their list of performers to some 300 acts.

Legendary neo-soul musician Roy Ayers and Canadian turntablist Kid Koala are the latest additions to the music festival.

Seminal German EDM producers Acid Pauli and NU have also joined the Splore roster along with the UK’s Earl Gateshead and Brazil’s Alti Fidelidade.

Local acts added include Ahoribuzz, Antix, Rio Hunuki-Hemopo, The Nukes, Randomplay, Chica Lorica, Adam O, The Funk Ferret and the Fuzzbox.

Previously announced acts include Mr Scruff, Tinashe, The Cat Empire, Lunice, Trinity Roots and Phoenix Foundation.

Taking place at Tapapakanga Regional Park over a long weekend in February, Splore recently changed to an annual event, in response to audience requests.

Total music acts announced to date:

Roy Ayres (USA)
Kid Koala (Canada)
Acid Pauli and NU (Germany)
Mr Scruff (UK)
Deltron 3030 (USA)
Tinashe (USA)
The Cat Empire (Australia)
The Correspondents (UK)
Lunice (Canada)
Trinity Roots (NZ)
Phoenix Foundation (NZ)
Azizi Gibson (USA)
Rodney P (UK)
Lee Coombes (UK)
Earl Gateshead (UK)
Alti Fidelidade (Brazil)
Jason Eli featuring Basement Jaxx’ Sharlene Hector (UK)
Dr Cat (UK)
Weird Together (NZ)
Filastine (Spain)
J Star (UK)
Slynk (Australlia)
Kamandi (NZ)
Bulletproof (NZ)
Labretta Suede and the Motel 6 (NZ)
Race Banyon (NZ)
Samuel Truth (NZ)
Latin Aotearoa (Brazil / NZ)
Tali (NZ)
Aroha (NZ)
Guy Johnson (UK/NZ)
Pippin (India)
Wellington Sea Shanty Society (NZ)
Hipstamatics (NZ)
Kev Fresh (NZ)
DJ Hudge (NZ)
Play DJs (NZ)
Yoga Rhythms (NZ)
Dan Aux (NZ)
Ahoribuzz (NZ)
Strom Brothers (NZ)
Rio Hunuki-Hemopo (NZ)
The Nukes (NZ)
Randomplay (NZ)
Chica Lorica (NZ)
Adam O (NZ)
The Funk Ferret (NZ)
Fuzzbox (NZ)
Dylan C (NZ)
Mr Big Stuff (NZ)
Sal Valentine (NZ)

Auckland - Friday 20th-Sunday 22nd FebruaryTapapakanga Regional Park