Joe and Caspar Are Hitting New Zealand This November

Thursday 8 September 2016

Joe and Caspar Are Hitting New Zealand This November

Joe and Caspar, famous as being some of Britain’s largest YouTube stars, are coming to New Zealand next November to promote their new movie.

Joe and Caspar take their own personal experiences and share them with millions of their followers. With their self-created style of entertainment and branding and their fun and great humour has resulted in two movies and millions of fans.

Caspar has over 6 million subscribers and Joe over 7 million. Joe and Caspar include the public in their daily lives and include family and friends in their shenanigans. Joe, for example, has videos with his fantastic sister and a star in her own right and is actually one of the biggest stars on the British YouTube scene.

Caspar, who is originally from South Africa, also has a sister that is a YouTube sensation. He moved to London and had been sharing an apartment with Joe for the past few years. There are no doubts that their sisters helped these boys become successes in their own right.

They debuted in the cinema with an European road trip ‘Joe & Caspar Hit The Road’ in 2015. The first movie was a challenge that Joe gives to Caspar to go around Europe, with no money, and rely on jobs that can be found along the way. It reportedly sold more than 120,000 copies.

Eventfinda has been lucky enough to receive a call from them both (back from London), and I took the opportunity to ask few question about their up and coming visit and the release of their next featured adventure ‘Hit The Road USA’!

You guys are coming to NZ next November, and we hope to offer you guys the very best in weather. By the way, how is London today?
J. Really really good today the weather is brilliant. It is a really nice day here.

The new movie looks very different from the first one. Is this movie going to be dissimilar?
J. The new movie is all about a challenge between Casper and me. Five challenges and at the end we see who is the loser. And the challenges were huge.

C. And we all thought back to ‘what can we do to?’ What would be fun?’ What can be funny?’ and Joe had the best rodeo scene ever!

Who came up with the crazy ideas for the movie?
J. Oh! It is a team effort! Wasn’t it?

C. Yes! It was!

J. We thought about doing group sessions. Casper and I had a lot of group sessions to come up with ideas. Then we would leave and come back later and change anything that we didn’t like…
Then we think about locations and we think if it will be all good at these places.

What can we expect from the show here in New Zealand?
C. The show that we have planned for New Zealand in Auckland on November 10th will be an incredible show, including a lot of kiwi culture. We can’t wait to come down. Last year, we ended of our tour in Australia, and it was so much fun. It was unbelievable. It is so nice to tour around the world. We have never been to NZ before.

J. I have!

C. Oh yeah! You have Joe. We are super excited!

I read somewhere you have travelled in New Zealand Joe and now we know you have been here! Where did you go? How was it and what was the highlight?
J. The highlight was that I was travelling with my rugby friends. It was really really good fun. We hired a campervan, and we had a trip on the lake. And we jumped in naked, there were some locals that actually didn’t mind which was good. It was an amazing trip.

Is the public going to be participating in the show? There is show on YouTube where you guys do a cowboy charade. The girls will go crazy I am sure with this if they can participate.
J. We would love to get the girls and boys on stage and get them involved on stage as well. I think it will be quite fun.

There is something that we have been wondering! And just need to ask! What is the difference in height between you two?
J. How tall I am? Mmm, I am 5 feet 8 and a half.

That means you are not actually that short but Casper must be really tall!
J. Casper is very tall. Even close to tall people he stands out. So when I am in the video with him, I can look very very small. But that’s just not the case!
C. I am 6 feet 3, I think.

Wow! Casper you are tall!

What part in the movies that you guys have done do you think the public will like the most?
C. In the first one, the public really loved the fun of it. In this second they really loved the cowboy costume etc.

The girls must be talking about you guys half naked.

J. Yes! The cowboy…. and everything that was involved.

What are you planning for your stay here? Are you guys going to do a road trip? How long are you going to stay?
J. We are going to be there for one night, and that is it, I think. It is a shame because I know Casper would like to show me around. But we will only stay in Auckland for the one night, but we hope to come back again. Definitely! I am sure, we would like to see more in the North and South Island.

But this one night, we really will make it entertaining. Everyone will have lots and lots of fun with us.

What would you like to say to New Zealand? To everyone, that is purchasing your tickets now?
J. I would like to thank you for your massive support. Thanks for supporting us to do this amazing thing. Enabling us to go to your wonderful country! Making it all possible.
Thanks so much.

What makes you guys so special? Why so many followers? Why do they love you?
J. I don’t know. It is definitely not my height. I sometimes wonder the same. I don’t know what it is. But if we knew, everyone would be doing it. Guys keep doing what you are doing because it is working. Thanks from me and the team at Eventfinda for taking some time and talking with us.

C. We are all looking forward to seeing you on the 10th November at the ASB Theatre.

Joe & Caspar - 'Hit the Road USA'
Thurday 10 NovemberASB Theatre, Aotea Centre