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Client story

Comedy Lounge

Looking for a place to eat, drink… and laugh? Well you’ve chosen the right place if you wind up at a Comedy Lounge event in Perth.

As the biggest producer of live comedy in Western Australia, they play host to the pick of Australian and international comedy names as well as fresh up-and-coming local talent. With more than 300 shows a year attracting around fifty thousand punters, it goes without saying that getting marketing and ticketing spot on, is a top priority.

For the past two years Comedy Lounge has worked with Eventfinda as their ticketing partner. “We have a great relationship with the team at Eventfinda and enjoy the service they provide for us. They are always willing to help if we need extra support getting events up for sale fast, or solving challenges,” says Comedy Lounge’s Mathew Carnaby.

“We appreciate the intuitive nature of the platform which is easy to use with all the key information you need at your fingertips in real time, whether that’s the number of tickets sold today or an accurate door list right before the start of a show.”

Using Eventfinda also means affordable fees, both for Comedy Lounge and the customer. “Having worked with other providers in the past I can say that Eventfinda’s fees are much lower than others in the industry – we know big fees annoy our customers, so the rates alone made the switch to Eventfinda a smart decision.”

On top of great rates, Comedy Lounge has also received great results tapping into Eventfinda’s marketing reach to promote shows. “We began using Eventfinda’s marketing website and eDM in 2018 and it’s been really effective. Being able to tap into that in-built audience has allowed us to double the size of our customer database, meaning we can continue the conversation with more customers after the event.”


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