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Create an Event

Log in

Log in to Eventfinda Ticketing with your account.

Get started

Click on the Create New Event button.

Event details
In the next screen, enter your event details in the form provided including Event Title, Venue, Category and Sub-Category, Session time/s, Website/s, and a short Description.

Admission settings

On the next page, select which type of event you are running. You can choose whether it is free or will be ticketed. Then choose where you'll be selling tickets or door sales for ticketed and free registration or no tickets for free events.

Create ticket types

Enter your ticket details including ticket name, capacity and price.

Click on the Save Ticket Type button.

Confirm ticket setup

Confirm your event's session and ticketing details in the next screen.

Answer additional questions

If your event will need contact tracing enabled to require customers to provide their name and phone number, select yes. Otherwise click No.


If you would like to pass Credit Card Fees to the customer (charge 2.5% extra to cover merchant processing fees), click Yes. Otherwise click No.

Click the Continue button.

Enter your Contact and Banking details

Enter your Contact and Banking details in the next screen. Only your Company details are shown to the public. Ensure you include your correct banking details to receive funds you receive from ticket sales after the event.

Accept Eventfinda ticketing contract

Be sure to read through Eventfinda’s ticketing contract and tick the box to accept these terms and conditions.


Click the Save & Continue button.

Add images
Upload images from your computer. Your feature image must be sized at 1170 pixels wide by 504 pixels high, and be a .JPG, .PNG, or .GIF file type   Click the Save and Continue button.
Review your event

This is the final page to review your event as it will appear on Eventfinda’s public listing of events.


Click the Submit for approval button.

Your event has now been submitted for final approval by Eventfinda’s team of event managers.

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