Banks Peninsula Walking Festival 2018

Nau mai, Welcome to the 2018 Banks Peninsula Walking Festival. 

We invite you to join us on an exploration of Banks Peninsula this November walking through the beautiful landscapes that make it such a unique gem. 

There is something to suit all fitness levels, from gentle meanders around the historic towns of Lyttelton and Akaroa, to climbing the high volcanic peaks with their breathtaking panoramic views.

You will have the opportunity to explore Hinewai Reserve by night, take the ferry to Quail Island and appreciate the historical and geological significance of the Peninsula. We have rangers, conservationists, historians, geologists, artists, and many more passionate local guides who will lead, inform and inspire you along the way.

Special events this year include the formal openings of a new tramping hut on Ōtamahua/Quail Island and a family campground at the Le Bons Bay Langer Reserve. These events include walks exploring the areas the new facilities serve.

For fit walkers we offer the spectacular 8 over 800 CHALLENGE!  Conquer all eight Banks Peninsula Peaks over 800 meters high, doing a pair each weekend. You can do these walks individually, but let’s see how many of you can complete the challenge and gain a certificate to prove it!

There is something for everyone, so book early as places are limited and walks fill up fast.

Date Time & Venue Event Ticket Type Price Quantity
Sat 24 Nov 9:30 am, Akaroa, Christchurch District 23 "8 over 800" Tramp 4 - Stony Bay and Flag Peaks Admission PG $23.00 ($20.00 + $3.00 fees) Sold Out
  9:30 am, Le Bons Bay, Christchurch District 24 Grunts and Dykes and the New Camp Admission PG $16.38 ($15.00 + $1.38 fees) Sold Out
  10:00 am, Little River, Christchurch District 24A Okuti Track Admission PG $16.38 ($15.00 + $1.38 fees)
  10:00 am, Akaroa, Christchurch District 25 Sketch-a-Walk in Akaroa Admission PG $12.30 ($12.00 + $0.30 fees)
  10:00 am, Cass Bay, Christchurch District 26 A “Plalk” Along the Waterfront Admission PG $12.30 ($12.00 + $0.30 fees)
  8:00 pm, Hinewai Reserve, Christchurch District 27 Hinewai Night Walk “B” Adult Admission PG $16.38 ($15.00 + $1.38 fees) Sold Out
      Child Admission PG $10.25 ($10.00 + $0.25 fees) Sold Out
Sun 25 Nov 10:00 am, Little Akaloa, Christchurch District 28 Mt Pearce Ridge Walk Admission PG $16.38 ($15.00 + $1.38 fees) Sold Out
  10:00 am, Godley Head, Christchurch District 29 Godley Head’s Antarctic Hut and Penguins Admission PG $16.38 ($15.00 + $1.38 fees) Sold Out
Tour Total (inc GST) $0.00