Comedy Central Presents: Another Frickin' Festival

You’ve heard the saying. If you didn’t laugh, you’d die.

Presented by Comedy Central, keep the laughs alive this summer and get to ‘Another Frickin’ Festival’

As if the scenery doesn’t give Queenstown an advantage already, locals will now boast a comedy showcase weekend, when a handful of emerging local and international comedians will take the stage.

When jealous North Islanders declared, ‘unfair!’, we said yeah you’re probably right. There are MASSIVE ‘Another Frickin’ Festival’ showcases happening at The Opera House in Wellington (Feb 11th) and the ASB Theatre in Auckland (Feb 8th) to make sure the good vibes are spread all across NZ.

'Another Frickin' Festival' will be another one to frickin' remember.

“The best little comedy festival in the best-almost-city of New Zealand, plus the best actual cities, too (no offence Hamilton)"


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