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Philippa is first-and-foremost a mother, the founder and director of BabyCues, author and a leading Postnatal Educator in her home country of New Zealand and Internationally. With a background in Child Development and Psychology her postnatal career spans twenty-four years. She is currently a member and volunteer for the Public Health Association New Zealand, and a member of the Infant Mental Health Association of New Zealand, presenting a paper at their conference in 2015. With a focus on attachment parenting, Philippa is a Attachment Parenting Professional Associate of Attachment Parenting International (API). 

BabyCues empowers families by teaching practical, responsive care that establishes calm, fosters attachment and is individual to each families needs. Learn how to nurture your baby or infant alongside their natural digestive biology, fully understand their cues and develop healthy feeding, winding and sleep patterns to create an intuitive understanding between you.

Check out some of the following parenting workshops and professional development events that Philippa hosts around New Zealand.


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