Nukes – Southern Spring Tour

Aotearoa's favourite ukulele band The Nukes are bouncing back to our centrestages, bringing their much-awaited tour to Alexandra, Wanaka, Owaka and Dunedin this month!

The Nukes from West Auckland are far more than a ukulele band. Part vaudeville, part rat-pack, part musical car crash, this talented trio deliver an engaging mix of humour and originality that audiences of all ages will love. People are always staggered by what The Nukes are able to achieve with one of music’s smallest string instruments. With great songwriting, musicianship and three-part harmony, The Nukes are all geared up to show a truly memorable and entertaining experience.

The original ukulele trio began life in a humble but spectacular fashion way back in the heady days of 2008. Founded by Dave Parker, Ben Collier and Dave ‘Snapper’ Thiele, The Nukes promptly set about carving themselves a cozy niche in the cutthroat world of the New Zealand ukulele scene. Now, with the soul wrenching retirement of the inimitable Snapper Thiele, Dave and Ben face a turn in the road and have recruited multi-instrumentalist Mike Burrows to open a fresh set of possibilities. What will this mysterious stranger bring to the party? Only time will tell.

Don’t miss your favourite band, The Nukes, play their all-new set of spellbinding music this September!


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