Map showing Amuri Area School

Phone: 03 315 8233

Fax: 03 315 8476

Education in a rural setting has many advantages, and as one of New Zealand’s 34 area schools, we are delighted to offer our students the opportunities rural education provides:
- Small classes that enable all students to receive quality teaching and learning;
- Leadership opportunities that develop students personal skills in a wide variety of ways;
- A strong pastoral network where every student is known and noticed and early attention can be given if difficulties arise;
- Individual programmes to meet student needs.

There are many other features that make our school unique and promote learning in a supportive, safe and fun environment:
- Friday fun lunchtime activities;
- Student goal setting and the use of e portfolios to track assessment progress over time;
- Vertical forms;
- Camps at our Outdoor Education lodge at Windy Point and a variety of other places;
- A Senior Academy programme featuring outdoor education, carpentry, hospitality and rural skills;
- Gateway - a programme for Year 12 & 13 students looking to move into employment.

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