Map showing Bert Henham Park

Amenities: Playground

Mt Richmond is a recorded archaeological site. It is a 'castle and moat' volcano in which the scoria mount (castle) lies against one wall of the moat.

To the east of Mt Richmond are the McLennan Hills, small cones also in a larger explosion crater which produced much lava in flows towards both the Manukau Harbour and Tamaki River. These two volcanoes, together with Sturges Park at Otahuhu, form a dam separating the waters of the Waitemata and Manukau Harbours.

At present six clubs use Mt Richmond Domain or Bert Henham Park, Otahuhu United Ruby Football Club, The Northern Sports Car Club, The Mt Richmond Rifle Club, The Otahuhu United Association Football Club, The Otahuhu Rugby League Club, and the Mt Richmond Bowling Club.

Not a dog exercise area.

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