Map showing Mission Heights Primary School

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Mission Heights Primary School opened in February 2009 with a roll of 175 students and 11 teaching staff. Due to strong enrolments during the year, the school grew to 280 students by the end its first year. Additional full time and part-time staff and Learning Assistants were appointed to manage the growing student numbers and opening of new classrooms during the foundation year. While the growth pattern for our school in its foundation year was unpredictable, the leadership and staffing structure was established from its foundation year with a flat management structure to support the future growth of the school and the leadership team when the school reaches its full capacity of 700 students.

The students and staff are organised into three Learning Communities: Juniors: Years NE/1-2; Middle: Years 3-4; and Seniors:Years 5-6. This structure of two year bands within a learning community allows a gradual transition for each student through the school and enables each learning community to focus on the academic, social, emotional and physical needs of each group. Each community is managed by a Senior Leader who, along with the Principal, Deputy Principal and the Leaders of Learning Enrichment, Personalised Learning and Learning ethnologies comprise our school’s Senior Leadership Team.

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