Map showing Musetude Centre

Phone: 09-622-0602

Phone (Other): 027-622-0602


Musetude, previously known as The Big Smile Edu-Tech Trust started as a group of young professionals from diverse fields - doctors, psychologists, educationists, musicians, artists and engineers, working together to create the much-needed revolution in education and human sciences - helping people discover their inherent genius, and live happy, creative and fulfilled lives.

It was based on the belief that “every person is an unlimited genius” capable of immense creativity, vision, focus, enthusiasm, awe, intuition and altruism - known in psychology as “self-actualization,” and had spent over a decade developing a high-tech, brain-based education system to help people worldwide access this natural potential.

To safeguard its philanthropic and humanitarian nature, Musetude was registered as a charitable trust in Auckland. Along with being non-profit, Musetude is also a non-salaried organization - none of its members or directors take a salary. It is entirely self-funded, by conducting short-term music courses, and all earnings were ploughed back into further R&D, purchase of equipment, publishing, and so on.

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