Map showing Nova Montessori School

Phone: 03 382 0503

In 1988, Marsha Morgan and Pauline Matsis formed Garden Montessori School, the first Montessori Primary School in the South Island. As the school grew, it was registered and known as the Ripple Educational Community and then to Nova Montessori Primary School.

By 2002, the school had established two locations – one on Manchester Street and the other on Owles Terrace. Where Nicola Gresson and Phil Gang joined the faculty team.

Consolidation of both sites to the present location in 2004 was a major step towards the creation of a full time Montessori School and the foundation for the Children’s House (3-6). To facilitate that development a new Trust, Nova Montessori Centre (NMC), was established in 2005.

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