Eventfinder Launches European Partner Website

Tuesday 6 October 2009

Eventfinder has partnered with Austrian media company Medienhaus to launch www.wohintipp.at, a national events calendar running off the same platform that powers www.eventfinda.co.nz.

Medienhaus licensed the Eventfinder Platform for deployment into Austria, providing the editorial and sales staff required to run the operation from a local perspective. The website has been translated into German, a powerful competitive advantage in the domestic market.

Eventfinder provides technical support, and any new features and product enhancements made to the core platform are automatically distributed to www.wohintipp.at. This means Medienhaus receives constant updates and access to Eventfinder's research and development without having to employ any technical staff, allowing them to focus on editorial, sales and building relationships within the Austrian market.

Medienhaus will be employing the same content syndication strategy that Eventfinder has used in New Zealand. 

Building up a network so promoters and publicists can enter their event information once, and have it distributed automatically to other websites with no effort has proven successful in New Zealand. Eventfinder syndicates content to Yahoo!Xtra, MSN, Stuff.co.nz, NZHerald.co.nz, AA Travel, Jasons, TimeOut magazine and around 150 other websites and publications.

Medienhaus contacted Eventfinder early in 2009 with a view to establishing a partnership via a license agreement. The Austrian media company specialises in national and regional portals with a combined audience of 5.8 million Unique Browsers per month. The largest, Voralberg Online, is already using content syndication to populate the portal with event information (http://wohin.vol.at).

Eventfinder has two more country licenses in development, and these are expected to be launched later this year.

For more information or interviews please contact Michael Turner on 027 4747 501 or by email michael [dot] turner [at] eventfinder [dot] co [dot] nz