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Eventfinda works with you to deliver all your event ticketing and marketing requirements on one easy-to-use platform. We help you sell more tickets by providing clever tools that meet the most complex ticketing requirements, and connecting you to our in-built audience.

Streamlined Planning

Eventfinda provides the functionality you need to stay a step ahead, right from day one.

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Audience Growth

Our integrated ticketing and marketing platform means you can target your audience and respond in an instant.

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Sales Management

Real-time access to reporting, customer data, scanning, and ticket management tools to help you sell more tickets.

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Creating memorable experiences. One event at a time.

We connect our audience to new adventures, events and performances of all shapes and sizes. Choose a category below to discover how we can help ensure your next event is a resounding success.

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Not ticketing with Eventfinda? It's still free to list your event and free to browse. Get your listing in front of New Zealand's most socially-engaged entertainment fans. When your event is approved for publication on Eventfinda, it is also sent to some of the biggest and best media and lifestyle sites in the country for publication, including the NZ Herald, Yahoo! and Stuff among others.

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Eventfinda works to help you sell tickets.

Eventfinda is commited to delivering a fast and flexible service, with our passionate team building world-class functionality to make sure your events succeed.

Our platform stores your customer data and allows easy segmentation for you to understand and connect with your customers.
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