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A person’s diet and activity can have an incredible impact on emotional and physical well-being. Making lifestyle changes, such as eating healthy, can be challenging; however, there are many science-backed, practical and simple strategies that have been found to help make it easier and more rewarding.

The Making the Change programme is not about a fad diet or an intensive workout programme. It instead helps you to stick to the nutritious diet and physical activities of your choice. The programme primarily focuses on strategies for helping you to make sustainable changes to your diet and level of activity – for greater emotional and physical well-being, and improved weight management.

During the half-day kick-starter workshop, you will:

* Learn proven strategies that help make it easier to start and stick to healthy eating and active living
* Identify your personal drivers and triggers of unhealthy eating, overeating, or unplanned snacking
* Be guided through creating an implementation plan that appeals to you and that will help you overcome your personal challenges
* Learn how healthy eating and being active improves physical health and emotional well-being
* Discover how your journey to healthy eating and being more active can be an enjoyable adventure
* Learn science-backed approaches to weight management. Learn about metabolic adaptation to weight loss efforts and how to reduce it.
* Receive a guidebook that will help you identify your personal motivations, challenges and triggers, and that you can use to develop your personal implementation plan
There will be a short refreshment break during the workshop.

In the 12 weeks following the workshop, you will:

* Have access to a private facebook group where you can share your journey and give and receive support from others who have also attended a Making the Change workshop.
* Receive short, daily motivational/reminder emails to support you in making the change to eating healthier and being more active.

If you have any questions about the workshop or programme, please email

Presenter’s Biography – Lynda-Maree Bavin, PhD

Lynda-Maree is passionate about helping others apply practical and science-backed techniques to sustain new behaviours that enhance physical health and emotional well-being. Lynda-Maree has a PhD in psychology (with a focus on health psychology and entertainment-education), has presented at international academic conferences, has several articles published in scientific journals, and is an executive committee member of the Australasian Society of Behavioural Health and Medicine.

In the week prior to the event, you will be emailed two worksheets. Completing these worksheets (approximately 20 minutes) prior to the workshop is highly recommended in order to gain the greatest benefit from the programme. An email address is therefore requested when purchasing your ticket online. Your email address will be kept secure and will not be shared with any third party. At any time, you can request to have your email address removed from our records.


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