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Client story

Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival

The Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival (VAMFF) is an annual celebration of fashion, arts, ideas and creative endeavour, designed specifically for consumers. It’s also a complex production requiring the coordination of hundreds of stakeholders and 150 events including world-class runway shows, beauty workshops, retail events, industry seminars, forums, live entertainment and more.

VAMFF has chosen Eventfinda to be its ticketing partner for the 2019-2021 Festivals which take place in March. VAMFF General Manager Yolanda Finch says the decision to move to Eventfinda was made after an extensive review into how the Festival interacts with customers.

“What we realised was that we needed to be with the customer at every touchpoint, never sending them away from our website where there was potential for them to drop away.”


This insight led to Eventfinda developing a subdomain for the VAMFF website which means tickets are sold direct to consumer, with less steps to purchase. It also means VAMFF retains control of its brand and maintains a consistent line of communication with the customer. The subdomain is fully supported by Eventfinda’s ticketing platform.

“The platform is functional and easy to use. We love that we can access accurate real-time data and insights that enable us to be responsive and flexible with our marketing activity. The market for selling tickets to experiences is tough. Consumer behaviour is changing in that they are buying later and they have more entertainment options than ever before. Eventfinda offers us solutions to get around these challenges.”

Finch says Eventfinda’s enormous database and reach connects VAMFF to audiences who are looking for things to do across a range of activity spheres. “We know and are connected to fashion customers, but we need to get in front of event-goers generally and Eventfinda has the ability to do this for us.”

“The customer service experience to date has been second to none,” says Finch. “The team really listen to what we need. Eventfinda is a service provider that really think about the client, and we’re thrilled with the journey so far.”


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