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Your essential pre-event checklist

Download the Eventfinda Scan Tickets app
Log in

Log in to the Eventfinda Promoter Portal with your account details.

Set up staff accounts for door ticket scanning
  • From the dashboard in the Eventfinda Promoter Portal, select your event and click Manage Ticketing, then click Event Team from the dropdown

  • Enter the email addresses for any door staff you wish to have access to event data for scanning tickets using the Scan Tickets app

Ticket scanners
  • Ensure your scanners and the additional battery packs are charged

  • Ensure your device is connected to the internet, as it’s important to resync tickets before you start scanning to ensure the app is up to date

  • Click the three lines in the top left corner of the screen, select Settings and then Resync Tickets

  • This will download all tickets for the event to the scanner and refresh the device from the past event

  • Do this one day before the event and on the day of the event

Ticket printer
  • If we’ve supplied you with a ticket printer, ensure it is connected and active and you have sufficient ticket stock

  • Go to the Ticketholders tab within your event, open a transaction and print out a single ticket for testing

  • Check and ensure the tickets are printing correctly

  • Destroy these tickets once the test is complete

  • Physical ticket checklist:

    • Barcode alignment

    • Print is clear and readable

    • Proper ticket orientation

Set ticket off-sale times and capacity
  • Ensure that you’ve set capacity and off-sale times for your session (not on the ticket types), this is the time they will go off-sale before the start of each session

  • Click Manage Ticketing under your event in the Eventfinda Promoter Portal

  • Select Tickets & Sessions from the drop-down and click Edit on the session you want to set

  • Scroll down to Capacity by session and enter the number in the box or tick Use seating allocation

  • Scroll down again, Off–sale time is set to 1 hour prior to session by default but you can edit by specifying a particular date and time for the session to go off-sale, then click Save

Download your door list
  • Select the event you are preparing for from the Events page in the Eventfinda Promoter Portal

  • Go to the Advanced tab and click Door List from the drop-down menu

  • Click the Download button next to your event

  • You can view your door list in the app too by selecting your event and then clicking Door List

Eventfinda stystem check
  • Log in to your account in the Eventfinda promoter portal

  • Check if you have access to the Eventfinda Box Office

  • Ensure you can view the upcoming event and all relevant sessions and ticket types

  • Check if there are any Venue or Promoter Holds — do you need to release these back to sale?

  • Check capacity on sessions — if sold out you will not be able to sell tickets

  • Check off-sale times on sessions/ticket types — if the event is off-sale you will be unable to sell tickets

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