Map showing Taupo Primary School

Phone: (07) 3784389

Fax: (07) 3789633


Amenities: Wheelchair Access, Toilets, Food Available, Playground

Suitable for Ages: Children

The school catchment stretches from the lake in the South, to beyond the Waikato River in the North, taking in Nukuhau, Acacia Bay and the farmlands beyond and bounded in the South East by Tonga Street, Duncan Street, Rifle Range Road, Mere Road and Tui Street. Anyone can enroll at the school if they wish even if they do not live in the catchment area.

Approximately 34% of the schools population are of Maori descent. Other groups represented in the school population are Tokelauan, Chinese, Korean, South African, Samoan, Fijian and Japanese.

The students come from a wide socio-economic group. The school celebrates diversity and differences.