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Promo Codes

The promo code functionality is only available once the event is published.

Log in

Log in to Eventfinda Promoter Portal with your account.

Go to Events

From the Dashboard, click on Events in the top left corner.

Select Promo Codes

Click the drop-down arrow next to Manage Ticketing and select Promo Codes from the list.

Create promo code
Click on the Create Promo Code button.
Choose Sessions and Tickets

In the next screen, select the Sessions and Ticket Types this promo code applies for. In the example attached: we selected them by ticking the green box next to General Admission and Concession beneath both sessions.

Enter unique code

Eventfinda randomises a unique promo code for you to use or you can enter your own.

What is the promotion for?

Enter a Description signifying what the promotion is for, and enter the Discount percent or dollar amount. For example: your promotion could be $5 off full price, OR 10% off every ticket type.

Enter Max Redemptions

Include Max Redemptions if you wish to limit the number of times this promotion can be used overall.

Include Available From and Available To dates

Enter the dates that you would like to specify an Available From and Available To dates and times for the promotion.


Click on the Create Promo Code button to save.


You can copy and paste the link to share to your ticketholders or give them the code to enter.


To find the link again, click the question mark next to 'purchase link' under the promo code.

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