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Step by step instructions to help you make the most of the Eventfinda platform and features.

Add a new ticket type

Build a promo code

Can Eventfinda provide ticketing services to all types of events?

Can I hire scanners for my event?

Can I pass the credit card charges along to ticket buyers?

Create a free registration event

Create a new section

Create a ticket hold

Create an event

Does Eventfinda have scanning staff available?

Export a Ticket by Date Range Report

Export to Mailchimp

Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel tracking

Google is displaying my old event over my new one. What can I do?

How do I contact my Event Manager?

How do I edit my venue listing?

How do I flag my event as cancelled, postponed or sold out?

How do I list my event on Eventfinda?

How do I set up Promo Codes for discounts for my tickets?

How do I set up ticketing for my event?

How does Eventfinda ticketing work?

How long will it take for my Eventfinda ticketed event to be reconciled?

How much does it cost to sell tickets with Eventfinda?

How to add questions to merchandise

How to process a refund using Eventfinda Ticketing

How to use the list similar function

I can’t upload images to my event listing. What should I do?

I have an event that occurs over multiple venues. How do I list it?

Is it really free to list an event?

My Eventfinda-ticketed event has been postponed or cancelled… what do I do?

Opening and closing a box office

Order physical tickets

Scan tickets from a computer or laptop

Scan tickets using the Eventfinda Scanning App

Selling tickets on your website

Selling tickets through your Facebook Event Page

Selling tickets via your own Box Office

Send complimentary tickets

Set up ticket questions

What is Eventfinda Ticketing?

When do ticket sales cut off and how do I manage the door or gate entry?

When I list my event on Eventfinda, where else does it go?

Where can I put hyperlinks in my event listing?

Why can’t I edit my Eventfinda-ticketed event listing?

Why was my event declined?

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