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Scan tickets from a computer or laptop

Scan tickets using Eventfinda Ticketing, without a scanner app or scanner equipment.

Log in

Log in to Eventfinda Ticketing with your account.

Go to Validate Tickets

From the Dashboard, go to your event, and click on the arrow next to Manage Ticketing, then click on Validate Tickets.

Enter Ticket Code

This requires the ticket code which appears on each person's ticket. Enter the Ticket code into the fields and click the Scan button. 


Green is a valid ticket.


Red is an invalid ticket.

Search for a customer, ticket code or order
There's also a search bar on this page to search for their order by name, phone, email, ticket code or order id.


Be sure to check if they have some identification on them, e.g. drivers license, bank card, student ID.

Search for order via Purchasers

Go to your event's Purchasers tab, then search for an order using the customers’ name or email address. Once you've found their order, click their Order ID on the left.

Scan ticket on Order page

Once you've clicked into the customer's order you can click the Scan Ticket button beneath each ticket to scan them in.


If the customer requests to leave the event, you can pass them out by clicking the Let Them Out button.


If you wish to let them back into the event, click the Let Them Back In button.

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