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Venue Listing Edits

Claim the Venue

Claiming the venue will allow you ownership of the listing so you can make any edits.


If you are a venue owner or the representative of a venue listed on Eventfinda, you can "claim" the venue listing ownership so you can manage the details yourself.


Claiming your venue will allow you to edit the information on your venue listing at any time, including text, feature images and venue specifics.


To claim your venue, simply scroll down the venue's page until you see the 'Are you responsible for ______?' and the click the "Claim it" button.


After claiming your venue, a moderator will review your request. If you have events at the venue or your email address relates to the venue, we'll approve it.


If this "Claim it" option does not appear, it's because another Eventfinda user will have claimed the venue prior to your attempt. You will need to contact us for further information on what to do in that instance.

Edit Venue Listing

To edit the venue once your claim has been approved, simply log into Eventfinda Promoter Portal and select the "Venues" tab. From there, you'll be able to make any necessary edits, track views and see how many events are at the venue.

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