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Put tickets on hold

Put tickets on hold to keep a portion of tickets aside for any reason. If your event capacity is 200 but you know 50 seats must go to your community partners, you might create a hold of 50 tickets to ensure the tickets are not sold to the general public.

Log in

Log in to Eventfinda Promoter Portal with your account.

Go to Events

From the Dashboard, click on the Events button in the top left corner.

Click Manage Ticketing

Navigate to the event you wish to create a ticket hold for and click the Manage Ticketing button then click Tickets & Sessions.

Create ticket hold

Below the list of Ticket Types, click on the New Ticket Hold button.


If you want to release your holds and add them to tickets for sale at a later date, you need to allocate them to a ticket type. To do this, you need to make sure that you’ve allocated the hold seats to a ticket type – otherwise when it comes to the ‘release’ date, these tickets won’t be on sale. Ensure you’ve taken this step so you don’t run into any issues.


Alternatively, if you use holds to restrict certain seats, like a ‘tech hold’ that won’t ever be sold, you do not need to allocate these seats. However, please note holds that you will not sell but will comp to sponsors, family or friends will need to be allocated to a seat/ticket type.

Enter hold details

In the next screen, enter the details of the hold including a name (so other users know what the ticket hold is for), select the session to hold tickets on, quantity of tickets to hold, and release date. Use the release date to automatically release any tickets still on hold by a certain date to the general public. Click Save to take you back to the Ticket Setup page where you will see the new hold listed under Ticket Holds. Please note if no release date is added tickets will stay on hold.

Ready to sell?

When you're ready to sell tickets from the hold, click Issue Tickets. This will open the Box Office. In the next screen, select the session and quantity of tickets to sell from the hold.

Finish up

Click Next and complete purchase as usual.

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