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Images added to your event page

Log in

Log into your Eventfinda Ticketing account

Events tab

On the left-hand side go to the events tab

Edit details

Click on the drop down button of the edit details tab of the event you wish to add the image to and click edit image

Upload images

Click on upload images. Please make sure that the image is 1170 pixels wide by 504 pixels high. The file type must be either JPG, PNG or GIF format. You can change this in your image viewer.

Continue & review

Click the continue button. You will then be able to review your image to see if it is all correct. If everything is looking good, click to upload the image and publish your event.

Image Types

Please do not try to upload a PDF or a Microsoft Word document.


Please make sure the image you are uploading is either a PNGGIF or JPG, less than 5MB and 72dpi. Most problems that occur with image uploads are due to the size of the image.


The ideal Eventfinda image specs are 1170 pixels wide by 504 pixels high, with a 5-megabyte size limit and your event's featured image will display best if it is this size. This is the size of the landscape images you can see all through the site. The smaller images are simply those same images resized proportionally for display in lists or on the homepage.


You can include numerous images with your event listing however, only one can be selected as your featured image.


If you have any questions please contact us at support@eventfinda.co.nz
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