Map showing Sadhana Yoga Studio

Phone: (04) 387 7213

Yoga helps to re-balance the body's entire energy system and reduces tension through out the muscles. After class the body will feel worked but the mind will feel clear and happy. Yoga covers all fitness requirements: cardio-vascular for heart and lungs, endurance for general fitness and tone, strength for power and energy, flexibility for range of motion and motor fitness for balance and co-ordination. Huge health benefits arise from the regular practice of yoga.

Classes like Light Sadhana and Sadhana restores the vital flow of energy and purifies the system through gentle movement and combined postures.

Classes like basic, Vinyasa and Hatha re-energises and strengthens the body and mind and provides tone and flexibility all over. Meditation helps with concentration, awareness and provides a deeper connection to the subtle energies of the inner self.

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