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Hollie Smith

Look up “soul” in the dictionary, and dusky-voiced chanteuse Hollie Smith embodies every aspect of the term. The young New Zealand songstress clearly possesses “deeply felt emotion, as expressed by a performer or artist,” is indeed “the moving spirit of some action,” and definitely boasts “spirit or courage.”

It’s heady praise for the performer, who is already a beloved star in her home country. Her chart-topping 2006 single ‘Bathe in the River’ set the stage for the 2007 indie release (on Smith’s own SoundSmith Records label) of Long Player in New Zealand, which has sold near double platinum there. At the 2007 Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards, Smith snagged “Best Female Solo Artist," "Breakthrough Artist of the Year," "Best Aotearoa Roots Album" and “Best Producer”. Yet, despite the accolades, the press- dubbed “Kiwi soul sister” is beyond humble. While a grounded spiritual essence imbues Smith’s sultry songs and transcendent live performances, she’s also quite simply a cool chick--an avid rugby fan with half-sleeve traditional Pacific tattoos who likes to throw back a pint at the local pub.

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Can anyone please send me Hollie Smiths Managers details please.....I heard she will be doing a tour April-May....Would like to see if its possible to get her here to Gisborne Cheers Geraldine i love the soulful sound of hollie smiths' 'bathe in the river' and am not familiar with any of her other recordings but...the melodic quality of her voice, the pure emotion she exudes and the fact that she is 'homegrown' , likeable and genuinely talented, means that i look forward to hearing more from this young lady...orsum girl:) Pure NZ. Soulful and indigenous R&B that is relevant to us as New Zealanders, not based on American pop. Keep it up Aotearoa. Hollie Smith a leader and inspiration. Kia Toa! Aotearoa has an AMAZING soul sound. when infused with dub and roots it makes for a real wicked combo. Hollie Smith has many elements in her music that make her awesome and unlike any other artist on the music scene. she would kill accapella (spelling?). i'm a huge fan of accapalla because it's the soul in the artist that wins you over with their lyrics & emotion, & not just a catchy hook. her track "bathe in the river" blew me away when i first heard it, because there wasn't anything current that was like it. she has a quality in her music, not just her voice, that exudes SOULful. she could sing "there's a brown girl in the rain" and pull it off with soul and integrity. she makes beautiful music.... Now THIS woman has soul, she gives me goose bumps and blows me away with her seemingly effortless talent. A real person, a true natural beauty inside and out, I am SO pleased she is KIWI, and after reading the other comments.. I think I should just add them all up and put them here because how I feel about this gorgeous lady has been expressed many many times over by other members. Stunning, natural, beautiful. i just loved her music. after a long stress day's work. listening to it in the evening just soothed away the worries. Beautiful, honest strong music that really touches the soul and makes you stop and listen no matter what you are doing. There is something about the rich mature voice that captivates every listener. When I hear holly I cant help but smile. Incredible incredible talent that will go far. True blue kiwi music that is so uplifting to paint to, gives me so much inspiration. 'Bathe in the River', has got to be one of the best songs ever written by Don McGlashan and Hollie Smith is the only singer who could have done it justice. Her voice is unique and that is one reason why she will go far. When are they going to invite her onto 'The Late Show with David Letterman', saw Liam Finn on there about a month back. Can't believe one so young can sound so mature - beautiful voice. An amazing talent. First came across in that great film, No. 2. Which also rocked! The only problem with the film is where was Madeline Sami who did such an incredible job with the play from which it was adapted? Bathe in the river attracted my attention and then hearing her album being played by my son. She has an amazing voice and will go far. Well had heard her songs on the radio but was lucky enough to see here live at the bruce masnon centre. All her songs were amazing. Her voice is so powerfull that it just sends shivers through you. First song would be 'Bathe in the River'. I didn't see the movie but heard all about the song on the radio. I like how Don McGlashan (of Mutton Birds fame) used her for that song. It gave her an opening in sharing her talent with NZ. Hollie has a soulful, silky tone that gravitates the listener to hear her perform. Her voice has a maturity beyond her years. Hollie's album is a must for any true New Zealand Music lover. A real natural! FIrst saw Hollie on a TV documentary and thought she one one of those people who had been here before - a knowing soul. Well done - fantastic meaningful voice. The first time I saw Hollie play live was at Kaikoura roots festival, quite early in the morning. Mostly everyone was shattered from the long night before... but I had my daughter with me so I had an early night and started the dancing for the day! Couldn't help myself... Keep up the awesome work Hollie you rock! My first thought was WOW! We've got Hayley Westernra and now this. How lucky can we be to have talent like this. Move over Nora Jones! Please enter me in the competition. Tony Gray Captivating, emotive, cleansing, beautiful, soulful and comforting - Bathe in the River - Have only ever heard Hollie Smith on the radio, but am truly impressed - some-one so young, with such depth of feeling and able to impart that in her music - talented lady - look forward to many more songs and hopefully catching a live performance. Keeping my eyes on a gig, in a venue north of Whangarei. Just read the article above - nice to know she's real too. Testimony to the beautiful and talented women of New Zealand. The epitome of mana wahine - it's not easy to feel that depth of emotion and not go insane ... Niiiiiice - Congratulations Hollie - Rock the World Amazingly talented. I did not believe at first Bathe in the River was homegrown, I'm a believer now. This is soul at its best. The first time I heard Hollie Bathe in the River I was hooked. I thought it was a black gospel artist. Amazing and beautiful. Great voice and an awesome natural look to go with it. Bliss in a voice Hollie Smith is an amazing artist, her soulful voice and healing tunes are the perfect lift me up and her music is so incredible and sharing, it brings everyone together. Amazing voice and simply out of this world, would love to win her albulm I haven't heard her live - have just heard her on the radio and seen articles about her. I wanted to go to her Wellington show with my new friend but she had to work as she opened a new restaurant in Petone and it was held on a Friday night. First time i heard Hollie's voice was on the Bathe in the River single. I remember it being so touching and I rushed out to get the single, and had it on repeat for a few weeks. Such soulful music has the power to bring change in people, community, and our nation. INSPIRATION!! first time would have been on the fat freddy's record. I think of her as am amazingly talented person who doesn't give a %$^& what others think! This sweet home grown talent has one soulful voice. Is one of the best R'n'B voices around. Matches and exceeds other international acts. Everytime I hear her she just seems lost in her music and just puts it all out there for everyone to hear and feel. Won't be long before she leaves our shores for good and takes on the whole world and deserves all the accolades that will come her way. I know she won't forget her fans here at home. Saw Holly for the 1st time @ Perrigrin Winery Queenstown with Fat Freddys on my birthday week end...was the best birthday! She performs who she- true, with an amazing voice & inspiration for all types of artists. I think I first heard Hollie Smith at the National Jazz Festival with my husband who loves to go these Jazz events and she was a very young winner. She has such deep, rich soulful singing filled with passion, power and depth which is her lovely unique musical style which I love. fantastic to hear such an amazing vocalist with an awesome voice and shes home grown too!!!, go for it girl!! Hollie Smith... 1st song i heard from Hollie was 'Bathe in the River' Smokey...soulful Not only is the voice encaptivating.... But the presence of Hollie's being.... beautiful tattoos.... the culture...spirit....and strength as a woman... exudes in the artist/singer......

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