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Salmonella Dub

Formed in 1991 in Christchurch NZ, Salmonella Dub have rightfully been called the pioneers and originators of a unique Pacific style of Dub/Drum ‘n’Bass/Reggae/Hip Hop and Groove based Rock. Acts such as Fat Freddy’s Drop, Scribe & P Money, Shapeshifter, Cornerstone Roots, Kora, King Kapisi as well as the new wave of Australian acts like Budspells, Rastawookie, King Tide, Red Eyes, and the likes, can all thank Salmonella Dub for paving the way to opening Australian ears to an alternative to a music scene that was largely house-influenced dance music or straight guitar rock. (EMI Music)

The group worked for some time with MC Tiki Taane, who embarked on a solo career in 2007 after developing a profile with the band. Other guest or collaborative artists have included Paddy Free who produced the most recent album release Freak Controller and performed with the band; and guests Whirimako Black, Hirini Melbourne, Richard Nunns and MC Mana. The band has also collaborated with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra and Hamish McKietch. - (Wikipedia)

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Hi Sal Dub fans, Thanks for all your great entries . . . this time the winners are: - Tonya Drabble - wildermothe - Simonne Goodall - Rachel Sinclair - Carol-Ann Crown - Twokan Kantwo - Tanydd Jaquet - felon_kareem - cfouhy - Janet Rock Enjoy your CDs . . . and Summer, which should be here soon (hopefully!) Gina @ Eventfinder Spring is the best....a time of new life...the air is fresh and crisp, it is warmer but not too warm...the yellow fluffy ducklings are waddling across the road with their protective mother, the daffodils are as bright as ever...everything is beaming with life! so so beautiful :) Summer is best simply because it is warmer. In reference to my post below - I didn't mean that you could wear your sunnies on your feet!! I love the Spring Cos flowers grow And people smile And say hello. I love the Spring Cos the grass smells sweet You can wear your sunnies And jandals on your feet. Autumn in North America. There is something incredibly moving about the fiery leaves and the lower sunlight on the horizon. It makes me think of warm jumpers and camp fires at dusk. Magic! Summer.. Its so cliche but how can you have a bad day when the sun is shining?! Especially when we have such an abundance of outdoorsy things to do, kiwis love the beach, BBQ's, outside parties, having a couple of beers on the deck, small children running around under your feet, summer was what made my childhood and its what I've been looking forward to all year, more public holidays, more family time, more parties, more concerts, more more more! I get tired of the heat of summer quickly, so would opt for my favorite season to be Winter!. Eating plenty of hearty food- not minding the extra kilos :) Electric blankets, ugg boots and open fires!!!! The ultra comfortable season :) Spring - the promise of renewed energy, colour, life, music, magic, parties, fun in the sun, dancing like a lunatic and the unexpected. "...burn, burn, burn, like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars..." Summer! BBQs, Beaches, Sunshine, Weird sunburn and tan lines, good times to be had by all. winter - nothing beats being besire a warm winter fire, while there is a great storm outside, and you have nowhere to go! Got to be summer with daylight savings, bbq's, beach, swimming. It has to be spring because this is when my garden comes to life again each year. I love those first buds and the warm weather that makes it happen. Has to be summer - bbq's, beach, tanned bodies ive always loved autumn because you can wear warm jumpers and still not complain about how cold it is. Becuase everything is a beautiful colour in autumn. And becuase its the season of chilling out and having no worries about having to go and be somewhere, because its not hot enough to want to go outside, and its not cold enough to have to stay locked inside all the time. so its the season of balance:) Summer!!!!!!!! Hot Sun/Beaching It/Healthy Eating/Happy Hearts/Good Friends/Unforgetable Music/Vitamins A*D*E & C........... Yeah Summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW is my favourite season! Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter - you just gotta love where you're at. Revel in the NOW! :) I love New Zealand summers when I can phone home to Ireland with stories of sunshine and days at the beach knowing they basically have 364 days of rain. Cruel I know! Literally i breathe a sigh of relief when AUTUMN comes around, as much as i love Summer i really don't like the hayfever the return of the pollen infested flowers brings, or the newly cut grass which smells devine but sends me into a fit of sneezes. Yes AUTUMN you are a welcome relief. winter for its suprise gifts of clear days and crisp light that show a cold city beauty lit by distant sun and wet grass. I like summer, because the body building season has finished, and it's off to the beach with the Jet ski to show off the awesome bod! Wha whoo!!! ha ha! Spring, with all the new flowers that come out, the sun is starting to shine more, daylight savings starts, the weather generally is improving, looking/getting better daily. It's a positive season :-) Summer- I love the sun and the fact that it makes people alot happier! Seeing peoples smiles is what makes me look forward to the warmer weather every year! Yipee the winter blues are in hibernation again!!!!! Spring - I love the pretty girlie colours of the blossoms and magnolias.... Definitely summer, barbies, lakes, boats, long nights. i lovesummer...beinganislandgirlinaturallywarmtothesunshineandheat....goodmemoriesofthebeachasayounggirl....spendingalldaythere.....thenhavingahotmeallikefishnchipsandicecreamafterwards......thebesttimes....withlovedones......bellissimo i lovesummer...beinganislandgirlinaturallywarmtothesunshineandheat....goodmemoriesofthebeachasayounggirl....spendingalldaythere.....thenhavingahotmeallikefishnchipsandicecreamafterwards......thebesttimes....withlovedones......bellissimo Winter An excuse to snuggle up on the couch with a book or D.V.D. Can always get warm not so easy to cool down in hot and humid Auckland It has to be Summer! Long, hot days at the beach or on the water. Then long balmy evenings with good friends, great BBQ food and the odd cold beer! I Love Spring! Spring is natures way of saying, "LETS PARTY!"

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